What is Skuyou.com?
Get the information you want when you want it!

Imagine that your customers are flipping through a magazine and they take a picture of a SkuYou code next to your advertisement, and they see your product’s commercial.

Imagine that the same user scans a code and they can now purchase the item from your website.

What about if someone gets a hold of your business card, takes a picture of the SkuYou 2D code and your contact information is automatically added to their cell phone address book.

All of these leading-edge examples and more are available to you now through SkuYou.com!

SkuYou provides a measurable way to link the physical world to the virtual world. By taking a picture of our code (with free QR code software installed on your phone), content is delivered to your audience when they want it and when it is most relevant to them.


How does it work?

  1. Download a free QR Code reader for your phone by going to www.skuyou.com using the web browser on your mobile device.
  2. Sign up for a SkuYou account so that you can begin to create your own SkuYou 2D barcodes.
  3. Print and place the 2D Barcode next to the object that you wish to make interactive.
  4. Once users start scanning your SkuYou Code the appropriate web content will be shown on their mobile device, and SkuYou.com captures the statistical data of the interaction.
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