What can you do with skuyou.com?

Skuyou 2D barcodes make the physical world interactive. From a printed Skuyou 2D barcode you can:

1. Link your content to a URL Link your print ads to your online store
2. Send an email Enhance customer support
3. Save your Vcard info. to a cell phone address book Great for your business cards
4. Send an SMS message Vote in an SMS contest
5. Dial a phone number Drive inbound sales calls, eg. Put a “sku” on your brochure
6. Display a text message on the phone See if you are a winner in a contest
7. Play a video from the internet View a movie trailer while you read the newspaper

Sample Applications

The application of 2D barcodes is limitless, but here are a few sample applications of our technology.

Advertising & Publishing: Scan a printed ad from a magazine & buy the product or find out more about it. Great for tracking response from different Ads for the same product while driving sales.
Information: Keep printed materials up to date -Link to the latest information online.
Retail: Scan a SKU in a grocery store and see what recipes could be made with certain items Ideal for up/cross-selling. Can be sponsored by the retailer or manufacturer.
Contests: Scan a SKU on a cup or on a printed page to see if you’re a winner. This is a novel way of engaging a customer or event attendee.
Entertainment & Video: Scan a SKU of a movie advertisement or product, and view the trailer or commercial Perfect for any movie, video game or product.
Business: Have a SKU on your business card, that adds info to your address book. This a huge improvement over card scanning input.
Sales & Service: Scan a SKU and auto dial a 1-800-Number. Great for an emergency situation or inbound call-to-action campaigns.
Medical & Packaging: Scan a SKU on a bottle or packaging to see the active medicinal ingredients Perfect for alerting consumer to drug interactions.
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